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Supposition about heat energy transferring to electric energy

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    Supposition about heat energy transferring to electric energy
    The supposition is based on static electric balance system and thermodynamics system . We suppose that a container( electron charge is not adsorbed on wall ) have tip electrode D(-100 V) ,and there is a metallic barrel(-101v) on the far away container ,as drawing, the metallic barrel doesn’t conduct charge since insulating layer in surface .
    There will be three course happened as follow:
    1. electrode D transmit a electron ,
    2. electron act irregularly and it can reach area have more high potential energy under the influence of molecular around ( as dust in atmosphere act irregularly ,then it can reach reach more high potential energy ).
    3. electron enter barrel and is conducted quickly to surface since inner of conduction can’t keep electrical charge ,which is obvious .,if there is electrical charge in barrel ,which is inconsistency with fact .
    4. as such ,more and more electron are kept on area have more potential energy for insulation layer ..

    we find energy of position add each 1 V when electrical energy transfer and absorb each electron and heat energy be reduced since the action of molecular in the second course according to the whole action . so we can get summarize that the three course are inconsistency with the second law of thermodynamics system since the three course can’t be explained based on physics . The web of picture is “http://photo.163.com/openpic.php?user=zbl1905&pid=153278210&_dir=/1386442
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