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Sure god is great but what has he ever done for me?

  1. Sep 9, 2003 #1
    I am just wondering if anyone knows of any supernatural aka Mircales being performed or occuring. I ask this wondering if god is all powerful why dosent he do soemthing... i would. What could possable be preocupiing the guy...unless he has another universe, that 2 timing....
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    Eh, depends on your beliefs. My parents are the type that see miracles all the time. For example, recently a friend of ours had one of their kids get into an accident. The kid was 7. The doctors said, "She has less than a 1% chance of living." Well, she lived. So, my parents, of course, said that God performed a miracle on the kid.

    I am not one of those types.

    I see God as a being who created everything and then lets us go about our lives. It could be that we are an experiment of some type. If you create an experiment, you don't poke around in it, because you'd change the results.
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    Hey, you get some time off in the spring and winter, don't you?
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    If God exists in the omniscient/omnipotent sense, then it's really a meaningless question to wonder about his/her/its motives. It's a commonly accepted idea, for instance, that if us humans were to ever be contacted by an alien race, then this race would be advanced so far beyond us (by virtue of their ability to visit us across the vast reaches of space, which implies a society much more ancient and technologically/intellectually sophisticated than our own) that the gap between our intelligence and the aliens' would be comparable to the gap between our intelligence and ant intelligence. If we could not possibly hope to understand the motives of a race that is only finitely more advanced than our own, then how could we possibly hope to understand the motives of a God who is by definition infinitely more advanced than us?
  6. May 30, 2004 #5
    There is a new series coming on in the UK, I think it's called Joan of Arcadia and I was watching the trailer.
    Joan asked God to prove he was God and do something, he pointed out a tree and she said, it's just a tree(or something like that) and he simply replied, i'd like to see you make one.
    I think this is very true. I see miracles all around me, not the massive things but just the little things, like trees and flowers. Yes, lets say science but there is still this ultimate question of how and why in the first place.
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    How is pretty much taken care of, making possible an infinitely lazy creator. Why is a question that has no meaning in a universe without intelligent life, as ours likely was at its inception.
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    I listen to Christian radio and TV now and then. A local radio preacher tells of how a preacher friend of his lost his finger in an accident, and "God grew him a new finger, oh Hallelujah!" Also, the preacher told of how his wife once had "a black thing on her tongue, like a shoestring." They prayed about it, and God supernaturally removed the thing.

    Trinity Broadcasting TV, which is available in many parts of the world, is a good source for anecdotes of miracles. The hostess, Jan Crouch, told of how TBN sent boxes of toys to poor kids in Haiti. The way Jan tells the story, 2,000 toys were sent, and 6,000 kids showed up at the event where the toys were to be handed out. Just as the 6,000th child got to the boxes and grabbed hers, the last of the toys was finally gone. Jan, tears streaking her mascara, explained it as a miracle comparable to Jesus multiplying bread and fish to feed the multitude back in New Testament times.
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    If some dude prayed and grew a new finger, then I might be persuaded of the possibility of miracles.
  10. May 31, 2004 #9


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    I agree. But I would have to witness it myself. I would never take the word of a radio preacher for it.
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    hey, you woke up this morning! aren't you miracle enuff?????

    you are alive and able to feel, create and have fun.

    what more do you need?

    olde drunk
  12. Jun 7, 2004 #11
    If you think a miracle has occurred or is occurring or will occur then you need to rethink your position on your own sanity and ability to effectively cognize.
  13. Jul 22, 2004 #12
    Let me first tell you all that I am a Christian. That being said, I have a difficult time believing that someone grew a new finger! You gotta realize that there has been a lot of deception and perversion that has done quite a bit to dilute the truth of the gospels. And this has progressed for centuries. What I am not saying is that you cannot trust what you read in the bible. Rather that it is good practice to not accept questionable biblical doctrines as the truth and you should investigate for yourself what the bible says.
    Now, I do believe that miracles occur, and maybe in fact someone did grow a new finger. But like any other account, I tend to determine the credibility of the person who is claiming such miracles before believing them as truth. I know that one person's definition of a miracle may be different from another person's so for the sake of this argument lets define it as "An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God." We all have heard of accounts of doctors having no explanation of a sudden healing, etc. Some say it’s a miracle, others say it’s a coincidence. It all depends on your spiritual beliefs.

    I want to respond to hypnagogue's comment. I will respond in two parts aliens and god. Regarding the aliens, it is not inconceivable that such an advanced society could be no more than a few hundred years ahead of us. For example, say you take our two worlds (aliens and ours), put them on the same timeline and start us off with the same technologies. Go! Think of where our society would be at in terms of technology if we never experience the dark ages...Look at the rate of the advancement of technology and science in the past 200 years. We have seen exponential advancement and just think how much faster we could advance if we actually had a trusted and workable unified theory? Given all of that, imagine where we could be in 300 years or where we could have been. I don't find it that far-fetched that we could have technologies equivalent to what we now perceive as 'alien'. I see hints of such technologies all the time in popular science and technology magazines. Hypnagogue, you said "If we could not possibly hope to understand the motives of a race that is only finitely more advanced than our own, then how could we possibly hope to understand the motives of a God who is by definition infinitely more advanced than us?" My response to you is this, the way to understand god is simple. He left us a written account of his motives, the bible. Furthermore, the bible says that he created us in his own image, so what is the one thing that we as humans desire more than anything else (other than the basic necessities of survival)? Companionship, relationship, interaction, love, etc. That is what the bible means by he made us in his own image. From a Christian perspective, that is why god made us in the first place. He wanted children.
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  14. Aug 15, 2004 #13

    Pookiebuns i appreciate you believe in God and I too believe that God created us in his own image but I disagree with the last point of yours. God did not create us because He wanted children. Biological studies convey that animals have offspring for the survival of their species and so is the case of humans. Consider if God has children then that means God is mortal like us. But a true believer knows that he isn't.God does not need any children. He can control the world all by himself. A child is always known by his parents' name and if u belive God wants children then it means he wants His chilren to carry on after him (curse my language on what i say).God is not gonna die . He created humans for His worship and to help others in their matter whether it be religious or moral. If you want more assurance you could study Quraan.And bible is illuminating too.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think nearly any genuine miracle could be denied and or twisted into a statistical anomaly. What is the difference between a one in a trillion and a miracle? When are the odds of an event too long to be attributed to a chance?

    I once asked a debunker what it would take to convince him that ET is here. He said that nothing could – it’s not possible. “What if a flying saucer landed in the parking lot and ET invited you in and took you for a ride”, I asked - just trying to establish his limits. “I would assume that I’m hallucinating” he responded. My point here is not about ET, it is about choices. Clearly this person chooses what he will and won’t believe.

    When we see the spontaneous remission of disease where according to all that we know, we shouldn’t, or when we hear of a mystical voice that guides a mother and her children through a burning building, or as happened some years ago when we find that an entire classroom of children report that an angel appeared and saved them all from a bomb that exploded in their classroom, we are left with a choice to believe in miracles or not. No logic can ever resolve the question. In the end it is just a matter of choice - to believe or not. This is also a recurring theme in biblical teachings.
  16. Aug 15, 2004 #15
    Pointing things out you just assume are mircles or works of God can be dangerous. What if that man how grew a new finger turned out to be the next Hitler? Then all of a sudden its the work of Satan that have him a new finger! Or what if it was a new medical treatment that saved his finger? Maybe God helped the doctor who invented that treatment? Who knows?

    The fact that you are alive right now shows what God has done for you. The fact is that nothing "deserves" to live. The only reason anything is alive is due to undeserved kindness from God.
  17. Aug 15, 2004 #16

    Ivan Seeking

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    What I am saying is that in many cases, eventually it can only be by choice that we believe or not. There is no logical answer. Unless the heavens open and God comes down on his flaming chariots there can always be skepticism, or faith. Each position can be logically justified. The same applies to human testimony. Since we can't know, by definition we choose to believe or not.

    Next, I don't think concerns about Hitlers apply to most people.
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  18. Aug 16, 2004 #17
    what if there is no god or satan, in the traditional sense? they simply maybe words to label positive and negative idols.

    what if people that belive they can alter their reality, really do and those that don't believe, can't??

    while many eastern teachers use existing laws of physics to do amazing, non-miraculous feats, there are abilities demonstrated that the western world still refuses to accept.

    the only thing that we need to address is the fact that we are here and we might as well enjoy the trip.

    olde drunk
  19. Aug 17, 2004 #18
    This thread isn't to debate the existence of God or Satan. Its to discuss why God allows bad things to happen. If you are trying to disprove the existence of God and/or Satan there are other threads for that.

    State some then.
  20. Aug 18, 2004 #19
    i believe that is why most people are atheist now. why doesn't the god do something ? they pray and hope but nothing happens and they decide not to hurt anymore.
  21. Aug 18, 2004 #20
    the best example i can think of that would withstand scientific scrutiny is the National Geo. show on Tibetian monks.

    these monks, high in the mountains, go out overnight, in sandals and light (cotton?) robes and radiate steam at below freezing temperatures.

    also, the oriental Chi masters are healing by adjusting a persons Chi. they do not touch the person, rather they massage the area around the person.

    is this god healing or preventing freezing? or is it a function of the individual beliefs? or did god give them better information?

    personally, the miracle of life is miracle enough. gimme life and turn me loose. what more could i or anyone want?

    olde drunk
  22. Aug 28, 2004 #21
    The "blood moon" was a miracle that freaked out ancient people, but now we know it's just a lunar eclipse.

    Fire was a "miracle" to the cavemen, because I'm sure they couldn't explain it within their understanding of the laws of nature, so therefore it must be supernatural.

    Maybe consider one of these events regarded as miracles less in terms of what we know, and more in terms of what we don't know.

    Maybe there's an explanation for everything. Maybe one day we'll be so advanced that there are no more miracles.
  23. Sep 2, 2004 #22
    I hope that never happens! Then we would have nothing to chat about!
  24. Sep 4, 2004 #23
    Don't worry, it will only affect your great grandkid's generation. By then there will be such advanced virtual reality video games that no one cares that there's nothing to chat about.
  25. Sep 5, 2004 #24
    very interesting topic why God allows bad things to happen. God does not allows bad things to happen at all, but it is US human being who does it since God gave us choice to do things and intellect to think. some of us use it bad way and some of us don't. however God may decree a bad thing to happen only to teach a lesson from that incident but hardly people get it, or not all people get the lesson. they only misunderstand and go on doing things the way they like. Also, it is satan who force us to do things. if you ask why God allowed him to do that because God already freed him and gave him full freedom to do anything he wishes.
  26. Sep 5, 2004 #25
    "blood moon" miracle. i never heard of such miracle in my whole life and never heard anyone even talking about around me. what's that miracle about? funny title though.
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