Surface Area frictional force

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Homework Statement

does surface area to affect the values of coefficient µk?

Homework Equations

frictional force =µk * normal force

The Attempt at a Solution

I know that if mass is larger then the frictional force is higher( f= ma)
but how about the surface area? does it affect the coefficient of kinetic or static force??

Answers and Replies

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Surface doesn't affect the friction. If the mass is larger then the frictional force is larger due to the increase of normal force. Especially:
Frictional force = μk * normal force
*μk depends only by the nature of the surfaces in touch
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If the normal force is held constant, but distributed over a larger area, then the normal force per unit area decreases, but so also does the frictional force per unit area. The net result is that the overall frictional force remains the same.