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Surface energy

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    During discussion with colleagues on a paper we hit a problem which we could not solve. Could someone help us out. Is the If surface energy/stress of a microsphere with a diameter of 5μm larger or smaller compared to the one of a 30μm microsphere. According to the Hamaker constant I guess the surface energy of the larger sphere decreases compared to the smaller sphere.
    To clarify I am looking for the surface energy within the microsphere and not between microspheres.

    I hope you can help as I got a bit lost in my thoughts

    kind regards

    Tim Spitters (PhD-candidate in tissue regeneration)
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    Andy Resnick

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    The surface energy of a solid is highly variable, because a solid can support shear stress. I expect the manufacturing process of the microspheres is more important than the size.
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    Thanks Andy, I will take it into consideration in my discussion!
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