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Homework Help: Surface recombination velocity

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    "An n-type silicon sample has 2x10^16 arsenic atoms/cm3, 2x10^15
    bulk recombination centers/cm3, and 10^10 surface recombination
    centers/cm2. (a) Find the bulk minority carrier lifetime, the diffusion length,
    and the surface recombination velocity under low-injection conditions. The
    values of Sigma-p and sigma-s are 5x10^-15 and 2x10^-16 cm2, respectively. (b) If the
    sample is illuminated with uniformly absorbed light that creates 10^17
    electron-hole pairs/(cm2s), what is the hole concentration at the surface?"

    I don't know how to resolve it because the teacher didn't teach us this part of course (we were at the end of the course...). Someone can help me? because i don't know what are bulk recombination and surface recombination.. or, better, Shouldn't are cm^-3*s^-1 anc cm^-2*s^-1??

    Thank to all,
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