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Surface temperature calclulation during pulsed laser irradiation

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    Dear all

    I ahev a urgent problem!!

    I have a bar of copper metal and I irradiated it with a Gaussian beam of NdYAG laser at 532 nm with fluence 0.4 J/cm^2 and 6 ns pulse duration.
    The reflectance of the copper in this wavelength is r= 0.61
    The thermal conductivity of copper is k= 4 W/cmK
    The thermal diffusivity is α=1,17cm^2/s
    How can I calculate the temperature increase, in and on the surface, during the laser pulse?

    How can I input the beam profile into the temperature equation
    And of course to tell me what will be the temperature at the surface of the copper?

    Some researchers calculate the temperature in Celsius, where the thermal conductivity units are W/cm K. Because of Kelvin=273+Celcious, I don’t know how they come to the occlusion that the outcome is in Celsius??

    Thank for yout aswer in advance
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