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Surface tension

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    How does ST vary with temerature? Is there a mathematical relationship?
    Also, does the sound water make on splashing have anything to do with its ST?Like,hot water makes a different sound from cold water etc.
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    Surface Tension lowers with increasing temperature as the increasing motion of the molecules disturbs the bonds between the molecules in the liquid.

    There almost certainly is a relationship for it....

    Why don't you try the last question you asked? I assume you have a kettle at home, you can let us know what happened.
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    I think HW splashes more and sounds different from CW(I can't really express the difference in words though) because due to its lower ST the drops fall independent of each other and each produces its own splash and sound. But I think there is another reason for it too, though I cannot say exactly what. Could someone please shed some light on this? And also on the mathematical relation b/w ST and temp. ?
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    :uhh: But I read somewhere later that HW actually splashes less and makes less sound than CW.Then what is wrong with my above theory?And is the second reason related to fluid dynamics?Just wondering.
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    Still WAITING....
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    The link does not have an answer ,only the same question.
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    I read somewhere that HW sounds different from CW because of steam bubbles in it Where does thet leave ST?Does it have no role to play?
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