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Surface waves in solids?

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    Hello all,
    - first of all sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother tong.
    - I write here because I want to understand that are the surface waves and how can we demonstrate their existance ? Do you have a PDF file which speak about this ?
    - For volumic waves I have seen a mathematical demonstration in the mechanical book and I understand what is a compressive and a shear wave and that is their velocities.
    - For a surface wave I don't understand how we can demonstrate their existance and that is their velocity ?

    To conclude, my question is : do you have a PDF (or website) where I can find the mathematical development linked to the Rayleigh, Lamb and Love waves ?

    Thanks you so much !
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    To get a quick handle on things here - start with your understanding of surface waves on liquids: how do you undertsand those?
    Then shift to surface waves on jelly - how do those work do you think?
    A solid, in this context, can be modelled as a very very stiff jelly.

    To recommend reading material - we need to have some idea of your education level, and what sort of resources you have tried.
    For instance, have you see this:
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