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Medical Surgery for Sinus Congestion?

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    Is there a permanent non damaging solution to flooded sinuses? Like a surgery to core out the sinuses? Is anyone working on a permanent cure for sinus congestion? Congested sinuses seem to be an increasing problem for everyone not just me.
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    This doesn't answer your question, yet... I've suffered from congested sinuses all my life; for years I've been using Claritin-D 24 hr (nowadays OTC). Recently I've taken up rinsing with saline water (table salt + a little baking powder) twice a day; I think it really works in combination with Claritin-D; works best with warm water: http://www.ehow.com/how_2053367_flush-sinuses.html

    The "trick" to rinsing, if there is one, is to breathe *out* of the other nostril when rinsing one.
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    You could try rinsing with a Neti pot. Make your own solution using table salt and warm distilled water. It feels a little odd until you get used to it.
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    wow! I didnt know so many people have sinus problems! Is there a cure for this? is there some kind of effective treatment? why do we get it all of a sudden? I blame pollution and cleaning products!
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    Yes there is a surgery for your sinuses, which is done endoscopically. Often times nasal polyps can "clog" the sinus, inhibiting the flow of mucous and keeping bacterial in contact with the mucosa--Which results in sinus infections.

    Other times, the many holes in the sinus simply aren't wide enough to allow adequate drainage of the mucous, resulting in feeling "stuffy" or more sinus infections.

    It's something you should talk about with your primary care physician and get a referral to a sinus surgery specialist if necessary.
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    It should be nolted that such surgery is only effective if there is a stuctural problem to be fixed in the first place. General infallamation of the soft tissues is what most people experience as sinus discomfort.

    Nucleargirl: INCREDIBLY common, partly because there are so many reasons that they arise. Persistent or recurring infections, structural issues (adenoids for instance, or aforementioned polyps), allergies, and more can all lead to a similar discomfort. There are treatments for virtually ever cause, but a CURE?... rarely. I don't know about cleaning products, but given the role of air pollution in Asthma, you probably have a point with that one.
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    Thanks I will look into endoscopic surgery. Most likely I am not a severe enough case and I am only concentrating on minor flaws. Sinus problems are very annoying though and the only time I have any health problem. My allergies seem to be the worst in the fall. I don't have as many problems due to spring pollens.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest USA. I am guessing that I have a problem with rotting leaves and mold more than pollen since that is all over the place in the fall. I also have that peculiar condition where when bright sunshine hits me suddenly I will sneeze in a fit that Wiki calls "Photic Sneeze Reflex. " Perhaps unrelated to congestion but I am not sure.


    As to a cause for an increase in allergies. I have been trying to find information relating to an expert interviewed on NPR who claimed that modern city planning was responsible for allergies because only certain genders of city trees are planted within Urban/Suburban sprawl. I think the person said mostly male plants are grown in city nurseries because they don't drop as much debris; but its the male plants which produce the most pollen and cause allergies. It would be great to find a source which backed that up as I only heard it on the radio driving to work and did not have a notepad to write down the guy's name.
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    I've been suffering from sinus congestion for 5 years now. It's specially bad during cold days. I use Nasocort. I think there are other meds like Flonase, Nasonex, Omnaris, Beconase, not sure how each one is different from the other. Unfortunately, i haven't found a permanent solution just yet. Surgery, I think, is too risky. try the meds first, but make sure to talk to your doc so they can prescribe proper dosage.
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    Welcome to PF Sinusvictim. When posting you should check the date of other posts in the thread, the last time anyone posted on this thread was nearly a year ago. Posting on long dead threads (known as necroposting) is not allowed.
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