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Surveillance system camera

  1. Mar 19, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone.i need your help to give the advice about my project.i want to make a surveillance system camera that can be monitor in anywhere.i will describe about my project. i am using pir sensor to detect the human.so when pir sensor detect someone , it will be sent the alert message through sms to owner. when that happen, owner will open the android to view what camera is recorded in real time.on the application, owner can take a picture or record the video. i want to using microcontroller 8051. the system like a e camera but want to add new features like sent the sms to owner. so owner can watch in real time. i want to increase the distance.so owner can watch anywhere through android application.so the problem is the hardware. i don't what suitable hardware that can be connect the microcontroller8051 to the internet that can be support my real time application.gsm module or 3G dongle that suitable to use?
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    Have a look at Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers...
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    You have certainly taken on a long and complex project here.

    There are two quite separate problems. One is detection with a PIR sensor, then sending the sms, the other is sending the pictures over the net. Both those problems have been solved many times, with the systems available as cheap commodities made in China.

    Why do you insist on using an 8051 micro ?
    Why do you insist on doing it all yourself ?
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    When I get chance I'm also planning to modify a camera system. Mine is based on Synology Surveillance Station (SS) running on a Synology NAS. It does 99% of the hard work for you.

    As others have said it's a lot of work to write such a program from scratch. However if you are looking for a "project" then programs like SS have an API you can use to bolt on extra features. You can tell SS to start recording from a particular camera by sending the server a carefully crafted "web page request" over the network.

    I get a lot of false triggers due to spiders and shadows triggering the motion detection. I'd like to switch to PIR sensors but my cameras don't have an alarm input. So I'm investigating connecting a PIR sensor to something like a Rasberry Pi that will send the necessary "page request" to the server to trigger recording.

    That's a much more manageable project than writing a whole system from scratch.
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