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Survey for School Project

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    Hey all, I am doing a project in school and I need people to fill out this survey. Please only take it if you are in school and know your current GPA. Thanks a bunch guys.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Changed the link so it works.

    Edit 2: Took down the link because I have gotten all the data I needed. Thanks guys.
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    Link does not appear to work. Can you just post the question here instead of making folks go someplace else to take a survey? Be sure not to ask for any personal information in any type of survey here or linked to from here.
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    Is this only for American students? Canadian high school students don't have a GPA.
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    If there is some way to convert Canadian grades into a United States GPA metric, then it is not only limited to the United States. I would actually love it if I got data from different countries, but up until now I was not aware there was a different grading metric for Canada. I found this quick conversion online to convert Canadian grade percentages into American GPA:

    below 50%=F=0pts

    Then just add them all up and average it. That would your GPA. I think this would be the easiest way of getting a close to accurate GPA rating, since I want to keep all the units I measure the values with constant.
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    dayyou I will allow you to post the survey here as long as it does not ask for any personal information. We will not allow a link.
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    Thanks for all the responses guys, it's really helping a bunch. The range of data I'm getting is helping to smooth out the fact about 45% of my responses were from only a select group of people, the people directly in my vicinity. Anywho, thanks again guys. If more people want to continue to fill out the survey, please do. More data is always good. :D
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