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Survey:What is your perception of canonically quantizing a free field?

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    Survey:What is your perception of canonically quantizing a free field??

    The idea came to me when i searched through different QFT books in order to get a unitary picture of this issue,which historically emerged in 1926,i.e.of describing particles through quantum fields.I'm refering,in beginnning,to free particles/fields.
    I want to know your opinions (i.e. what canonic quantizing means to you),in order to compare to mine and then draw the appropriate conclusions to the benefit of all reading this forum.
    I'm not trying to look smart,i'm only curious about how QFT is taught in universities worldwide,as,probably in a few yers,I myself would have to explain to students what first/second/third/...quantizing means and apply it to specific problems in the SM of Particles and Interactions.
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    I think of it as a mathematical trick that helps us construct irreducible representations of the Poincaré group.

    By the way, there's another thread that discusses this subject intensively. Maybe you should check it out. I think it was called "Why quantizing fields?".
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