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Surveying update

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    A while back I was saying that I didn't like the way I had been asked to layout a new road being built. I thought that they were making it too difficult on themselves. I staked it out how they wanted it (they wanted it to blend into the desert in a pretty way) all 6 miles of it (3miles on each side of the road) Then today as I was laying the last 2 points, I said the LAST 2, I was informed that they think that they are going to put curb and gutter along the edges instead of their original plan, because it will be easier.
    Next time I feel like I don't know what I'm doing please remind me to go with my first instincts.
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    Heh - welcome to engineering. You are always at the mercy of what "they" want and "they" aren't always thinking clearly. It sucks, I know. At my company, we have a job right now where we are being paid extra to fix mistakes we knew we made in a system we designed. Why? Because "they" insisted the system be designed that way.

    They: Do it this way.
    We: It won't work that way.
    They: Do it anyway.
    We: It won't work that way.
    They: Do it anyway.
    We: It won't work that way.
    They: Do it anyway.
    We: Ok, fine - we warned you.
    [...six months later...]
    They: It doesn't work.
    We: We know - we told you six months ago it wouldn't.
    They: No you didn't - fix it!
    We: Yes we did - here it is in writing.
    They: Oh...please fix it?
    We: Certainly - that'll be $10,000.

    So the real question is - can you profit from their tenacious stupidity?
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    And the worst thing is that "they" surely take home more money than you.
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    it actually works out easier for me this way, and even with what I've already done it will be less work for me than if they didn't change. I just wish I hadn't already staked so much for nothing
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