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Physics Survive myself with Physics

  1. Mar 8, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I am a programmer. Been doing web development post my Bachelors. Physics was my favourite while growing up and even during my bachelor days. I want to return to it. How can I give up my programming career and make some bucks with Physics. I have been thinking of a couple of ways but please put in your ideas also.
    1. Planning to create a couple of Udemy physics courses. I have a nice perspective of fundamental physics and I think I can put the concepts in an interesting way. So, I think turning into an instructor and creating a paid udemy course might work.
    2. Create a youtube channel and make some nice physics videos which can go viral. I need to figure out how to actually do that.

    What are your ideas on this, guys??
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    You could get a job at a lab or company where you get to interact with a lot of physicists using your programming skills to do simulations.

    You'll probably have to master Matlab and help do conversions of Matlab to C/C++ or Java for production level code.
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