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Suspended animation and aging

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    suspended animation dogs

    Two summers ago, anesthesiologist Patrick Kochanek of the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research at the University of Pittsburgh dramatically demonstrated the power of suspended animation. He and his team revived dogs that had been clinically dead for three hours—with no heartbeat, no breathing, and no brain activity. The researchers discovered they could preserve a dog in limbo for several hours by cooling the animal and flushing its veins with a chilled solution of salt, glucose, and dissolved oxygen. The dogs came back to life after they were given a blood transfusion and reheated, although a few of them experienced minor brain damage

    What gave these dogs brain damage? How long could you keep an animal in that state, if resupplying them with blood (ie if there was artifical blood) wasn't an issue? Why/why not?
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    why is the amount of time Safar was able to put the dogs in for suspended animation limited? (ignore the other questions) is it because they would have trouble putting the warm blood back in, because they would have trouble restarting the heart, or for a different reason?
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