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Suspension design help

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    I was hoping that I could get some help in engineering a independent swing arm suspension. I have a trailer that I would like to have an independent swing arm suspension using air bags. I think my two main questions would be how long should the swing arms be and where to mount the air bag in relation to the swing arm and axle.
    This is the air bag link and I have one for each side.
    http://firestoneindustrial.com/pdfs/datasheets/W013587325.pdf [Broken]


    I went to the local dump and with the trailer still hooked up to the truck and only the trailer tires on the scale she weight 1060 lbs, the trailer will weigh more after loading it for trips and after the suspension upgrades.
    Thanks in advance for your help and here are a couple of pics of someone else's design.
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