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Intro Physics Susskind Lectures

  1. Jul 8, 2016 #1
    Anyone knows when is the next Susskind lectures and how does one attend them? I am not talking about viewing the pre-recorded lectures on Youtube but I would like to attend the original classroom ones from which the youtube ones were recorded. I have not found any information on the Stanford Continuing Studies website. Does he still do them or was it just a transient experiment?
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    Of course I can't tell for sure but from what he wrote in his blog http://susskindsblogphysicsforeveryone.blogspot.co.ke I think that it was something that he did back then (2008) and due to overwhelming response, Stanford put them on the net. You can post a question there and perhaps take some more informed response.
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    The courses were offered through Stanford's continuing education program. You can check its website to see what new courses will be available: http://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/ . However, Susskind is pretty old now (76), so I wouldn't be surprised if he has permanently retired from teaching in the classroom setting.
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    As my op says, there is nothing on the website.
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    Sorry about that. Feel free to delete my posts.
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