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Suggestion Sustainability Subforum

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    ideally as an engineering subforum, intended for practical discussion on conserving energy and renewable resources.
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    That's just a subset of mechanical and electrical engineering.
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    Well, I have to try to sell it a little...

    We're trying to get a sustainable curriculum going here. EE and ME are definitely the meat of the technical side, but there's a lot of economic and resource considerations (roi's and cost/benefit analysis) It's kind of a patchwork of many disciplines. The most important aspect of a stand-alone subforum is that it encourages discussion in a particular subject. Sustainability is a topic of growing interest nowadays and, in my opinion, a valuable one.
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    Perhaps one could start a thread on Sustainable Development/Engineering in

    Engineering Systems & Design
    https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=99 [Broken]

    Sustainable development would encompass a lot of disciplines. One could include topics of energy, infrastructure, agriculture, water, waste, . . . .

    Economics is part of the problem, as are natural resources.
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