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Sustainable Energy

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    I don't know where this goes, Mods, I'm sorry :[ .

    I'm interested in sustainable energy as a career, I know the market right now for it is not that awesome, but I believe it will be in the future.

    There is a degree here in CO called Engineering Physics, I want to double major in it and CS, what can I do with that? I mean am I going into this realistically? Thanks everyone!
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    I think its like 'computer science' was in the 1980's
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    Cross the border to NM and come to San Juan College here in Farmington and take some of the great renewable/ sustainable energy classes.
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    I would if I could...right now I am just looking at CO School of Mines for stuff, but I am just trying to get info about things, I still need a degree first :D.
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    Nuclear engineering is where you want to be.
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