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SUSY Neutralino unlikely by new CDMS II results

  1. the null results make neutralino less likely

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  2. null results do not make neutrilno less likely

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  3. other (please specify)

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  1. Dec 21, 2009 #1
    The solar neutrino problem was a major discrepancy between measurements of the numbers of neutrinos flowing through the Earth and theoretical models of the solar interior, lasting from the mid-1960s to about 2002. The discrepancy has since been resolved by new understanding of neutrino physics, requiring a modification of the Standard Model of particle physics – specifically, neutrino oscillation.

    Is there a neutralino problem? A major discrepancy in # should be observe based on Big Bang and dark matter estimates, and # of detected events?


    "SUSY more unlikely by the new CDMS II results"

    "As I said right at the start, the parameter space of these models is so wide that a chunk always remains untouched. But, for those of us who did not believe in SUSY in the first place, this is just a nice confirmation. I should add that I would be much, much happier man if we did observe a signal of SUSY one of these days…"

    If cold Dark Matter is the Neutralino, which was produced in tremendous abudance after the Big Bang, this null result, in combination with null results of other dark matter detectors, and null results at Tevatron and no evidence of proton decay, then shouldn't CDMS-II register several events by now? As with proton decay, there should be a certain number of events.

    How many cumulative years of null results in dark matter detectors need to be compiled before the nuetralino is ruled out (based on its predicted abundance on Big Bang and SUSY-GUT models and dark matter estimates)
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