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SUV and Gas

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    During a thread a started a few months ago, many claimed that Sports Utility Vehicles consume extremely large amounts of gas, as opposed to a sedan or other vehicles. (Not talking about those who were speaking only of full-size SUVs)

    Edmunds, "Why do you hate the SUV?"

    Just thought it would interesting to share.
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    Why are you bringing this up again? Just drive whatever you want and keep quiet and nobody will care.

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    I just bought a Mazda 6. I just thought you all should know. :smile:
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    Why not? I'm not going to just here and watch, read and hear hypocrites spread false images on SUV drivers making them feel needless guilt. Doing so would be ridiculous :mad:

    The people who should keep quiet are the hypocritical groups that seem to have problems with SUVs based on flawed information. Like those publishing biased books out against SUVs ( Keith Bradsher).

    They suggest that SUVs were made to destroy the environment and kill people even though they never mention that traffic-related deaths have gone downward despite the record breaking sales of SUVs each year.

    Was it the "zoom zoom" catch phrase that drew you in? :rolleyes:
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    Each car/vehicle/SUV/anything else you can think of has its advantages and limitations.
    Quit trying to beat up the proverbial dead horse.
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    In what way is this topic a "dead" horse?

    You have a way of ending your posts without explaining any of your comments.
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    This SUV topic has already been discussed before. It's a dead horse, a dead topic.

    I explained to you in the first line of my post if you only read it.
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