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SUVAT materials

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    Hey, I'm currently studying for an AS exam in Physics under the OCR examination board, i got an exam in like 10 weeks and im doing ok with physics, the only place i need to develop my understanding is using SUVAT equations, i understand them, memorized them but i haven't practised them throughoughly, does anybody have any SUVAT questions or mabye some links to some SUVAT equation questions to post up and help me practise?

    Thanks for your time either way:smile:
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    I've got a really easy one. Sorry, don't know any links though.
    Question: What is the final displacement and velocity after two seconds if a particle has an initial displacement of -2, initial velocity of 5 m/s and an acceleration of -3 m/s^2?

    btw, that question is in 1 dimensions, I take it you don't want a two or three dimensional problem.
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