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Swallow it up

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    Hello, if I swallow up 200gr Pb, will it give me back a cancer lump ?
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    jim mcnamara

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    No. Lead is toxic primarily to nervous tissue: the brain. It has other nasty effects.

    In adults, assuming you can swallow and pass a 200g lump of lead so you don't develop bowel blockage, the most likely consequence is a raging headache. For children this would have nasty effects on the child's brain.

    Lead inhibits heme synthesis - so you cannot make hemoglobin and you become anemic. It also can damage kidney function and cause severe colicky cramps.

    Don't swallow leaden objects.... period.

    Where are you coming up with these odd ideas?

    And cancer is not the only way to die. If you are in an industrialized country, and eat a western diet you are more likely to die from cardio-related problems than cancer. If you live in a non-industrialized country you are more llikely to die from infectious disease than from cancer.
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    Thanks Jim for your marvelous help
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