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Swan song interview with Paul Dirac

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    I wasn't sure what section to post this in as there's several things going on here. We got quantum mechanics, we got special and general relativity, and we got Friedrich Hund who, as far as I can tell, could be the inspiration for Dr. Strangelove...

    If you want the full 20 minute interview, you can catch it here: https://av.getinfo.de/media/11186?193

    it even has chromecast support so you can watch it on your Samsung 40 inch 3D TV with motion correction software (120hz) to catch Dirac's darting eyes in segment 17 when he's trying to figure out just what the HUND Hund is trying to say!

    But this is pretty cool, we get a testimonial from Dirac on the motivation for the Dirac equation and the idolatry of Einstein he displays which hasn't attenuated in most physicists even till today...

    I like the part at 4:20 when Hund refers to Zee Shrodinger-Klein-Gordon equation which has the time in the second derivative and that was not acceptable for you...and you needed to construct the equation in the first derivative...
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    Nice, I never knew this interview existed. I'm going to send it to my friends at work.
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