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Swarm theory

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    please let me know if physical methods are used in order to study the behaviour of a swarm.
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    A swarm of what? For comets, the answer is 'yes'.
    If you're refering to bugs, you should probably post this in the Biology section. I believe that swarming behaviour is species-dependent, and has nothing to do with physics in the way that we normally think of.
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    For a flock of birds or a swarm of fish, I think Boids are used to simulate the behaviour, which follows a simple set of rules.
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    you could though...by integrating some fluid dynamics into the simulation of either fish or birds(boids&flocks). I believe a group at the University of toronto simulated fish though i'm not entirely sure if they used real water physics...the lead researcher went to silicon i believe.
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    Thanks for your help. My problem is if researchers have tried in the case of a swarm of birds to register the emitted sount and to relate it with the changes in the configuration?
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