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Sweden vs Paraguay

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    Sweden had so many chances to score before Ljungberg finally won it in the 89th minute. They are almost through to the next round. A victory over England would be nice!
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    You can dream, cant you ;)
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    Hehe, England haven't won against Sweden since like in the 60'th...:cool:, probably will be a tie...

    Yesterday's game looked very much as against T&T, except for this time we finally got the boll in the net, omg what a relief!
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    Im a celtic fan, so I would like to see larsen do well.. Hes going back to sweden next season isnt he?

    Anyway it will be an interesting match, both have a lot to prove
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    Yes, he's returning to Helsingborg after the world cup.
    "Henke" has not really performed so far, I hope he can score some goals next match...we'll need him in good old shape in the playoff.
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    Also, England have secured qualification, and, by the time they play, will know whether Germany or Ecuador won group A. It's concievable that England might consider it an advantage to lose to Sweden.
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    They would be stupid to have this attiude, to win the cup anyway they are going to have to play the big boys soon regardless (And I dont count DE or Ecuador as part of the big boys group). The momentum carried by winning will outway the advatage of having to play either DE or Ecuador, as both of a similar standard.
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