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B Swift maths

  1. Dec 22, 2016 #1
    Is there a shortcut method to find 7373×5353 if we know 73×53, or any general formula for this type of questions
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    Finally it will be 3869 ×10201 which still makes it harder to solve, i need a easy method , if it's there.
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    7373 x 5353 = (100 + 1)(73)(100 + 1)(53)
    = (100 + 1)2 (73)(53)
    = 1002 (3869) + 2(100)3869 + 3869
    Each of these products can be done in one's head, and the three results added to get the final product.

    This is the direction that ShayanJ was taking, I believe.
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    Mark44 edit: Fixed my typo above
    It means only simplification will give you a answer, there's no shortcuts like in vedic/swift maths
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    What ShayanJ and I suggested is a shortcut. We can use this technique to do the multiplication mentally, something that most people can't do when they multiply 7373 and 5353 in the usual way.

    I don't know what Vedic or swift maths are.

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