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Swine flue compared to SARS, Bird Flu, West Nile

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    Recently it seems that every couple of years, there's a new virus out there which is hyped as having the potential of reaching Global Pandemic levels. I realize with all of these viruses, the scary thing is that vaccinations don't exist, and specifically with Bird and Swine flu, that human-to-human transfers aren't supposed to happen, and thus our idea of how they behave is flipped on its head.

    My question is, looking at Swine Flu, does it look inherently any more or less dangerous than other recent viruses that gave the whole world a scare, like SARS, Bird Flu and West Nile?

    I've read that in cases outside of Mexico, Swine Flu has been treated with products like Tamiflu, and responded well to them. How does that compare to other viruses?
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