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Swing a linear flat stick

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    hi to everyone!
    i want to ask that,
    why it is easier to swing a linear flat stick rather than any other heavy stick or a baseball stick ?
    what is the reasion of this question in physics point of view?
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    Re: whyy!!

    I'm not sure what you mean by "a linear flat stick rather than a heavy stick or baseball stick". But generally the difficulty to swing something is related to its moment of inertia. You probably know about normal inertia, which is an object's resistance to translational motion. Well, objects have something called a moment of inertia which is its resistance to spinning.

    Moment of inertia depends on the mass of an object and its distribution (if it's farther away from the pivot point, it's harder to swing). So, either the objects are more massive or their mass is farther away from the pivot point.
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