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Swiss visa

  1. Feb 22, 2010 #1
    Hi all,

    Sorry for posting it here, but i believed i might get the right guidance if i asked group of physicist...

    I am an Indian national, studying in US, this summer i am visiting CERN for my research on a short term basis(2.5months). Exploring the swiss consulate website for bunch of hours i end up is confusing myself on wat all the documents which i need to submit.

    I know i should apply for schengen visa type C, but there are different category in it like Visitor, Tourist, Student.....etc..etc..

    Can anyone guide me to the place where i can get more information on the documents that i need to submit or pls share it if you know...

    thank you...
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    Ask CERN, they know best. The internal rules of the offices are changing quite a bit and the secretaries will know what to send these days. What permissions will be granted also depends on the city where you are going, so really write to CERN.
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