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Switches and Amplifiers

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    I am trying to make a reaction test circuit where a LED comes on at after a random amount of time and the slowest player gets and electric shock.

    The switches they press turn on a relay to another circuit connected to the device which shocks them. I need to find a way to stop the slowest players switch working so the fastest player doesn’t get shocked.

    I also need to know what current and voltage the electric shock should be. Some one told me that it ises a small current and a large voltage. The ones you can but in shops are mostly use 9V cells, but using a op amp would make it 13V-14V which probaly wouldn't be high enough.

    If anyone has any suggestions to either problems it would be very useful.
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    It is not a good idea to design something that will electrically shock an animal, person etc.. I suggest instead of using a pain to punish the slowest player, how about using a reward as incentive, such as piece of chocolate to the fastest player :tongue2:
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    Well it was a reason to do something with amplifiers but I have solved the problems now. Chocolate can’t be given out by a circuit:smile:
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    Sounds like something I would have wanted to try in my younger days. (The building part, not the playing)
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    Sure it can. The circuit just needs to be more complex. :smile:
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    Sigh. You were doing okay until the "help me figure out how to shock people" part. That's not something you will get help with here on the PF.

    Thread locked.
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