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Switching fields cs to math

  1. Nov 29, 2008 #1
    I am a m.s. student of Computer Science at a small university. I have taken
    Calculus 1-3
    Linear Alegbra
    Applied Matrix Techniques
    Elementary Stats
    UpperLevel Probability
    Real Analysis
    (spring) Abstract Algebra
    I have gotten A's in all the above.
    I also have 4.0 gpa as a grad. student. I am planning on taking the GRE general test soon. I have a couple papers being published, and a couple more on the way. One or two math papers. I should leave with no less than 4 publications, although some or most won't be published till post graduation. I also did the thesis track, will be wrapping up my thesis over the winter break.

    I am really interested in theory,topology, and algebra (though I haven't formally studied it yet). How can I apply to graduate programs for mathematics, and how important is the subject GRE. Since I haven't taken abstract algebra, I am scared to take it, heard all the questions are on rings.

    I am thinking about applying to schools that handle theoretical computer science or that do pure math. I don't really know where to start looking, and I am scared I lack the required background. Any suggestions?
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