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Switching from broadband to dsl with Windows 2000 server

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    I just installed Win2k server on a friends pc, and configured the internet on my broadband connection. It worked fine, downloaded all the stuff I needed, etc.

    Well, I return the pc to my friend, who takes it home and plugs her DSL connection in, boots it up and now the internet does not work.

    So I figure that it needs to be reconfigured, but as I am not sitting there at the computer, I cannot explain to her what need be done.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    Its not telling her normal messages like "Network cable unplugged", but simply acting like there is no connection at all.

    She is in the process of restarting the DSL modem, which may be the culprit.

    Any ideas?
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    Let me guess. You have a router, but she does not.

    Before internet will work, she has to call her ISP and give them her MAC address. ISPs require MAC address authenticate so people can't just start using DSL or cable internet that they did not pay for.
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    So has she tried to redetect the internet settings? I think it is under Internet Options->Connections-> The button on the top.

    Like ShawnD asked, Is she behind a router? Maybe DHCP isn't working.
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    Well, the isp already had her mac address, I only changed the OS.

    And I was behind a router. But it was quite simple fix really.

    They had a install cd that automatically configures the pc to use the dsl connection. I, having never messed with DSL had no clue about this. Its working now, I thank you for your help.
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    She may also have to type in a username and password for the connection.

    - Warren
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