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Switching from High Energy Physics to condensed matter theory

  1. Mar 6, 2013 #1

    I am a master student, currently starting a master thesis on plasma astrophysics after a master focused on high energy theory (lots of QFT and particle physics, with some supersymmetry, string theory...).
    I already have funding to continue my master thesis as a PhD, but I am getting interested in condensed matter theory, and I am thinking of returning to my university for another semester or two (which would make me finish my master's in 2.5-3years instead of 2) to take some classes in solid state, and see if I can do my PhD in that field. I am also a bit anxious about continuing into astrophysics, as the prospects in that field are not great...
    Unfortuneatly I didn't do much condensed matter before, so I doubt a professor would take me as a PhD student right now, but on the other hand I am afraid that taking an extra year to do something completely different will look horrible on my CV, and the worst thing that could happen is finding myself 1 year from now with 0 phd positions after a 3year masters...
    Any advice?
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