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Switching from ME to EE

  1. Mar 13, 2014 #1
    Would it theoretically be possible for a mechanical engineer to complete an undergrad degree and then do a masters in EE after 5 or 10 years working in industry? Would this be easier with an EE undergrad degree and then masters in ME? The reason I ask this is because I would like to potentially work designing cars, planes etc, but I also enjoy working with and modifying the hardware on computers.
    Also it seems as if EE and computer engineers may be better programmers/network engineers if the role requires a knowledge of software and hardware. So I can't decide whether to pick ME or EE for undergraduate...
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    I don't think the coursework overlaps much. It really depends on the program. There may even be schools that have a hybrid program for people like you. In general you could do ME with EE minor or CompSci minor and you'd be in a good position to land your target job.

    I would speak with an advisor in the school you're looking at.
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