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Switching graduate programs

  1. Mar 26, 2006 #1
    Is it possible for someone to start a graduate degree in department_1 and switch to other department_2 if doing a dual degree? Is it something practiced or possible.... generally?

    My case is that I have greater chances being admitted into program_2 (my REAL interest, but VERY competitive at this school) if i start in program_1, funding-wise for the most part. Admission in program_1 is pretty much a done deal and advisor is the one suggesting me this idea of switching if i decide not to pursue it anymore! so i am wondering if that is something not frowned upon.... because my real goal is department_2, but i am a bit unconfident of being accepted just on my own.

    Thanks for any advise, 'coz i am sorta torn and confused.....:confused:
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