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Switzerland Invades Lichtenstein

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    Uups, that's an embarassing situation!
    Since I live in Switzerland, I'm aware of the bad geographic orientation of the Swiss army! :smile:
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    I'm kind of surprised that Switzerland has an army - aren't they permanently neutral or something?
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    they do permanent guard duty at the vatican.
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    I believe that is regulated in their laws. Just because they are neutral does not mean that they do not have a defense towards an aggressive attack on their soil.

    There is a difference between the Swiss Guard and the Swiss Army.
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    Switzerland is one huge fortress. The entire male adult population is armed and that pictoresque mountain shack posed strategically near a mountain pass is probably an antitank gun in disguise.
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    In the Swiss Army, you learn how to defend yourself with weapons as for example an assault rifle or a tank. However, the main aim of the Swiss Army is to manage the surviving of the Swiss people in an emergency. During or after a natural disaster, the help of the Army may be a great support.
    Also, the Swiss Army is involved in the conservation of nature and natural resources.
    Sometimes, when a big event like a concert or a sport event takes place, the Swiss Army people provide a security.
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    They also wear funny costumes, and protect the pope :smile:
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    Again, there is a difference between the Swiss Army and the Swiss Guard.
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    There is also a whole bunch of similarities for example the recruitment process, and the fact you have to be in the swiss army before you are in the guard.. :smile:
    thanks for reiterating your point however
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