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Medical Swollen Sprained ankle

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    Hello everyone,

    Recently I fell and have a sprained ankle now. No bone fractures but I was asked not to put weight on my ankle and keep ice etc. I did exactly that and 6 days have passed now but the swelling hasn't gone down. I cannot walk without feeling a pain in my foot either. I always have to take some pain killers to sleep

    My question is

    1) Is this normal even after 6 days?
    2) Why does it take so long for a simple ankle sprain to heal (cry)

    Please give me your advice thanks loads
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    We are not allowed to dispense medical advice here, but I can tell you from experience that sprains can be very slow to heal. You should consult your doctor to see if (s)he considers your lack of progress troubling and might wish to order some imaging, etc.
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    I second the recommendation to consult your doctor. I've had sprains that remained very painful for well over a week, but not the swelling.
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    If it bothers you much, consult with your doctor. Bandaging the foot to support it might help, but you really need to get professional advice. Were there X-rays made to confirm that there were no breaks? I once was told I sprained my foot, but when X-rays were taken two months later it turned out that it had been broken.
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