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Sword of Truth

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    http://www.terrygoodkind.com/lots/lots.mov" [Broken]

    Anyone else here read the books? Anyone else excited to see this?
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    Is this the movie based on the Goodkind series?

    I read most of it. It wasn't bad to start but then they started to annoy me because of how repeatative they are and his plots became more and more contrived. At around book nine or so I asked myself why I was still reading them and decided to stop about a third of the way into one. Being that I am a book addict that's pretty bad.

    Edit: I might actually go see the movie though. I would almost expect it to be better than the book.
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    It's a TV series, not a movie. But it should still be pretty cool.
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    I read the first six books in the series, but Faith of the Fallen just got to the point where I couldn't continue reading, I don't think I even finished the book.

    A TV series on which channel?
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    Presumably since the ABC/Disney studios are producing it, then it'll show up on ABC/Disney affiliates, and perhaps SciFi.
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    The books were much more sexually graphic than mainstream Fantasy books.
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    Most of the fantasy books I have read by men tend to get at least a bit sexual. Even Pratchet's books which tend on the chaste side have their moments. I've not read any of those goth female writers though, such as Rice and Hamilton. I'm sure they're much racier from what I have heard and the fact that they are always on the newstand.

    I have no idea how they'll make those thinly veiled and utterly improbable dominatrix characters family friendly.

    I remember when I was reading the books at one point I was about ready to chuck the book out the window if he used the term 'sister of the agiel' one more time.

    That was the one where he really started to get pompous about his political ideology. In number eight, the last full book I read, he goes so far as to advocate the slaughter of unarmed innocents who place themselves between you and your enemy. They didn't try to move them aside or even just injure them but outright cut them down as if they were the enemy themselves. I found that rather sickening.
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