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Sylas in Korea

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    I'm currently in Seoul, Korea. My last blog here warned I might be gone for a bit, but I have internet at my current accommodation, so here's a hi!

    You can find out more about why I might be in Korea from my very first blog entry: https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=1316 [Broken]. I've come home to the land of my birth -- despite being a thoroughbred WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant). It has been a wonderful visit so far, and shows all indications of continuing that way. It's a holiday, but more than a holiday, because I am with my Dad who has been invited back and is guest of honour at all kinds of church groups, since he was a missionary here many years ago. I kind of trail along, carry bags, smile and nod when Dad speaks quite competent conversational Korean. Off to Busan tomorrow, where I was born.

    And to make you all jealous; here's a photo. I love scholarship of all kinds, and we met this "YangBan" at a folk village. He is the genuine article; a real old school Korean gentleman and scholar of aristocratic lineage and high standing, generously giving time to share some of his knowledge at the village, where a home of his family ancestors is one of those restored (the backdrop). I am in the red T-shirt, with the YangBan on the left and my father on the right.


    Cheers -- 서형일 -- who is not likely to be posting all that much for another month or so.
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    hey Sylas,

    Enjoy your trip , man. And share your experiences with us when you come back !
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    Whoo! Someone that's in my time zone.
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