Symbol html on Netscape and Explorer

  1. "Symbol" html on Netscape and Explorer

    Apparently my recently installed Netscape 7.2 does not translate to Greek my website html symbol code, where Explorer had. Why is this so, and how can I either make Netscape translate or choose Explorer as my default browser for executing my FTP document? Patience please, I am fairly computer-illiterate. (The site in question is that below,
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  3. Well, there's good news and bad news.

    The good news is I can tell you how to use the translate tool in Netscape:

    In other words, at the top of the window, click view -> Translate.

    The bad news is it doesn't translate to Greek. But try it anyway, it might have been upgraded lately (I assume you're using the latest version of Netscape.)

    The other alternative is simply using Internet Explorer instead when you want to view that particular page.

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  4. What I was trying to say was that Netscape does not recognize my "symbol" command in html. I worry that half of the surfers out there cannot appreciate the Greek symbols that are supposed to appear in my equations. I don't want the whole page translated into Greek, just that the browser acknowledges the specific translation of certain characters through the "symbol" tag.
  5. TenaliRaman,

    Yours in the best suggestion ever made for my site. I have that link stored safely in my favorites! I never knew that Unicode could be so versatile. Many thanks.

    Could any of you offer why my <sub> command seems less effective on Netscape though, and what alternatives I may have?
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