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Symbol in Microsoft Word

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    Im going crazy, i just want to write equations in microsoft word, but none include the damn Error symbol which looks like a rounded E :/ I want to use like E with a small i next to it but i cannot. Any ideas :( Im going nuts :<
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    What are you using to write equations? Anything special?

    I have no idea what symbol you want. That would help. Do you have an example of it somewhere?

    If you are using a special editor for entering equaitions, this might not work. If you have the MS Mincho font, look there. If you find your symbol, you can insert it easily in Word: From the [Insert] menu, select [Symbol]; this opens a window; in there, click the [Symbols] tab; from the [Font] menu, select [MS Mincho]; find your symbol in the list; highlight it; click the [Insert] button. (You can create shortcuts for the symbol if you need it often (or just copy+paste once it's in your document).) You can do the same thing inside or outside of Word using the Character Map too.
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    why don't you use mathematica instead?

    Do you see the symbol you want anywhere here?

    http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/9450/symbols1fw.jpg [Broken]
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    The way I get ANY special characters for ANYTHNG s to use Character Map ( don't know any other way, and don't know why they make ths so dffcult to find.)

    Programs > Accessores > System Tools > Character Map > Symbol or Wng Dngs.

    (Dang, my '' key seems to have suddenly stopped workng.)
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    Do you have MS's equation editor installed...?
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    Open Office suite comes with OOMath that has a decent equation editor.
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    yes i do
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