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Homework Help: Symbol meaning

  1. Sep 14, 2014 #1

    I just started the chapter work and kinetic energy in my physics book, and I'm uncertain about the meaning of two symbols. They are 'F sub "two vertical lines"' and 'F sub "an upside down T/perpendicular symbol"'? Does it mean cos∠ and sin∠, respectively?

    Nevermind, I figured it out; they were components of F and meanr parallel and perpendicular. I can't seem to delete the post, so a moderator can feel free to:approve:
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    I can tell you that the F|| means gravity that is parallel to the surface and F⊥ is the gravity perpendicular to the surface.
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    Two vertical lines, ||, usually means "parallel". ##\perp## usually means "perpendicular". Thus:

    ##F_{||} ## would typically mean a parallel force or force component, and
    ##F_\perp## would typically mean a perpendicular force or force component.
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