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Symbols in TEX

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    When I click on the LaTex selector and choose the arrows it displays amongst the icons, two symbols, either of which would suit me fine.

    Unfortunately if I do choose either the system does not insert the displayed symbol, rather it inserts something to do with the barbaric practice of whaling - harpoon up, down etc.

    How do I obtain the correct 'tends to' symbol please?
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    Doc Al

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    The first two arrow choices (upper left) are rightarrow and leftarrow. They seem to work OK.
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    You are correct, boss.

    Many thanks.

    So how do I get a plain old fashioned common or garden left or right arrow without the bar?

    And why don't the symbols match the descriptions.

    It's all a bit like typing English on a Chinese keyboard.
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    The first nine arrows seem to work. After that it's messed up. You seem to be asking for the same thing that you just confirmed works (\leftarrow and \rightarrow). I'm just not sure what "bar" you're talking about. :confused:

    I had no idea we could choose LaTeX symbols with the mouse. Actually I'm getting some deja vu, so I have probably said that before. :smile: Seems like a pointless feature. You can find the latex code for the symbol you want by googling or searching the comprehensive latex symbol list, and then type the code. It will take slightly longer the first time, but once the code sticks in your memory, it's much faster to just type it.
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    [tex] \to [/tex]

    or the longer version

    [tex] \rightarrow [/tex]
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