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Symmetric Universe?

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    Why is it that our universe isn't perfectly symmetric? To demonstrate imagine that the 0 is the center of the universe:

    abc 0 cba

    Why doesn't the universe look like this?

    Why isn't there another me on the equally opposite side of the universe doing the same thing as I am right now?
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    Symmetry is a matter of perspective. If the universe is, as it appears to be, homogeneous and isotropic that sounds pretty symmetric to me.
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    Symmetry is also related to scale. As Chronos says, the universe is homogeneous and isotropic on scales ~100Mpc, and definitely not so on scales smaller than that. If the universe were completely homogeneous and isotropic, it would be impossible for any kind of structure to exist, so an anthropic argument will lead to the conclusion that the universe cannot be completely symmetric.
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    Why do you think it should? Please elaborate.

    (Sounds like a question involving a Newtonian Deterministic Universe)
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