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Homework Help: Symmetries in Particle Physicsconservation laws

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    Assign specific lepton generation numbers and distincguish between antineutrinos and neutrinos for the following reactions. Make appropriate fixes to show that you know about all the conservation laws not just lepton number conservation

    [tex]\mu -> e^{-}\nu \nu[/tex]

    [tex]\nu n -> e^{-}p[/tex]

    [tex]\tau^{-} -> \pi \pi^{0} \nu [/tex]

    I have attached what I think is the solution. Can someone tell please tell me if I am correct?

    In the attachment, I3 refers to the Z component of isospin and s is the strangeness

    James :confused:

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    Someone?? Anyone?
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    I am really desparate here guys
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    Anything you say could help me..
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