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Symmetries of evolution?

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    It seems evolutionary thinking is growing in popularity, even among those that really doesn't seem to be take the is principles as first principles, and developt a theory from scratch.

    I have a question for those working on some of the "big" approaches: Do you ask yourselves what the symmetries of evolution are? And what is your answer?

    What I mean is, what is the preserved quantities, or patterns, that live through all (or at least MANY many) scales of complexity as seen as different levels of evolution? Look into a telescope, look into a microscope, and do you see any common denominators that applies to any level of complexity? I'm not talking about visual fractals, i'm think of any pattern, abstract or hands on.

    How are string people and LQG people dealing with this? Is this question relevant to your approach?

    From what I can see the closest thing that may have some relevance, is the AdS/CFT correspondence and various dualities involving different dimensions, but I am not sure if that's the interpretation these are given.

    My basic question, is to hear how someone advocating string theory and/or LQG thinks of the relevance of this question, and possible answers?

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