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Symmetry Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

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    I'm currently taking a symmetry analysis course. It is really interesting. I would recommend it to any math major or anyone interested in ODE's and PDE'S. I am enjoying it very much.
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    is that anything like that "differential galois theory" where you look st symmetries in differential equations?
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    I almost feel sorry that ever since Emmy Noether discovered the theorem in 1918,we physicists like to take a look at symmetries related to physical phenomena (and Lagrange & Hamilton actions & functions),and not to symmetries of PDE-s... :rolleyes: :tongue2:

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    Would you kindly briefly explain what this is? I'm interested in differential equations.

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    This course is symmetry of PDE's
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    Sorry I'm unfamiliar with "differential galois therory"
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