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I Symmetry Breaking

  1. Jan 13, 2017 #1
    There is a rather large cash prize offered to answer the following questions:
    a) what breaks symmetry in a symmetric world?
    b) how does one break symmetry?
    c) how can one create a stable bifurcation in dynamic 4D space?
    d) why did Einstein not include torsion in equations for GR?
    e) what is the base for the universe's number system?
    f) which numbers spawn new symmetries?
    g) what are the order for the first seven symmetric primes?
    h) how does one do a fractal sieve eras thon y knees style?

    any submissions with any wrong answers will be immediately disqualified"

    Any hints where I can find out more about the mechanisms for symmetry breaking? I'm working on the first two questions at the moment for fun...

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