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Homework Help: Symmetry of UREA

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    Problem: Consider the planar urea molecule.
    i) Determine the point Group, as well as the symmetry of the x,y and z coordinates.
    ii) Consider the following atomic orbitals:
    C : 2s; 2p
    N : 2s; 2p
    O : 2s; 2p
    H : 1s
    Determine the equivalent sets of orbitals and the symmetry of each set.

    Solution: i) Found the pointgroup to be Cs, and symmetry x,y = A' and z = A''.

    Don't know how to tell which ones are equivalent and which symmetries they have.
    Can someone please help?
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    Cs is too small. It has a higher symmetry. Which symmetry operations did you find?
    To say something about the symmetry of x,y and z, you have to specify how they are oriented relative to the molecule.
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